Say no to the Asphalt plant in Madison County

Keep Madison the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”

We need your help in June!

Sustainable Madison needs your support!

We have an amazing chance to close the deficit in our fundraising – an anonymous donor has offered to match all donations that are made in June up to $15,000! Please consider donating now to help our grassroots organization stop this major pollution source from being built in a location that will affect an entire community and the French Broad River. 
**Please support an amazing cause and clicking the donate now button on our website,
or you can send a check to 
Sustainable Madison at PO Box 1135, Marshall, NC 28753-
All donations are tax deductible

*Why do we need your donations now more than ever? The asphalt plant hearings are still ongoing, after 6 nights of hearings averaging 3.5 hours each and all the time spent preparing for them our legal fees are much higher than anticipated. 

*We have tried to give the community the best defense we could have, and our attorney, Brian Gulden of Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A. has done an amazing job of representing the community opposed to the asphalt plant at these Board of Adjustment hearings. To be clear, we are not suing anyone, and we are only hiring a lawyer because that is what is necessary for a quasi-judicial hearing to be successful in stopping this permit from being granted. At the final hearing, the permit for the plant will be either approved or declined based upon evidence and expert testimony that has been provided during the court proceedings

*Our community has already raised a whopping $45,000. but we still need to raise $29,000. to cover the fees for this ongoing hearing. 

**All donations in June will be tallied and matched by our amazing anonymous donor

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