Say no to the Asphalt plant in Madison County

Keep Madison the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”

The fight is not Over! Help keep Marshall’s air clean and free from noxious asphalt fumes!

The Department of Environmental Quality is currently holding a public comment period in which anyone can offer comments stating their concerns about this plant’s operation.

The Modeling the DEQ has done to determine if they can issue a permit for this plant is flawed- it is not reflective of the actual site
• They have not taken into consideration that the asphalt plant would sit at the beginning of a rock canyon on the French Broad River valley where the air is frequently trapped and condensed above the town of Marshall. Because of this, the emissions from this plant would accumulate in the inversion layer, they will not be mixed or dispersed as their modeling purports, and will impact our health and quality of life.

The NCDEQ Weather Data Modeling is Inadequate!
Toxic emissions from the plant will accumulate hourly during inversions instead of dissipating into the atmosphere and could exceed maximum levels.

They have used the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as the background nitrate level for their modeling, which is unrealistic and underestimates the pollution levels already in our area.They use 9 ug/m3 as the background emissions for their modeling, while most monitors in the state measure 60-90 ug/m3. They should use more comparable background levels, ones which actually reflect an area where people live and work, NOT levels from a pristine National Park.

• Onsite weather stations are needed to determine the true impact of inversions and this topography on toxic emissions.

Please let your voice be heard by completing the email form below which will be sent to the DAQ.

Email Concerns to DAQ re Madison Asphalt permit application

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