Say no to the Asphalt plant in Madison County

Keep Madison the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”

Board of Adjustment Hearing Scheduled

The Madison County Board of Adjustment will be meeting in the County Courthouse on Monday, April 22nd at 7 pm. During this hearing, the board will hear testimony from both Madison Asphalt LLC and their witnesses and testimony from witnesses and landowners opposed to the issuance of the permit.

Sustainable Madison has retained an attorney on behalf of those opposed to the plant as well as paying the witnesses who will testify as to why the plant should not be permitted. 

Sadly, the way the zoning laws are written, the onus and expense of proving the asphalt plant will be hazardous to the health and economic prosperity to the community falls to our community of which Sustainable Madison is helping to lead the way. This is why we still need your financial support, please donate by clicking on the Donate button above.

The hearing will likely last several days and will be scheduled on subsequent Mondays. Unlike Board of Commissioner meetings, there will not be an opportunity for public comments during the hearing. There will be a period where those members of the public who would be affected by the plant will have 3 minutes to voice their concerns. After all the witnesses have testified the board will then decide on whether to approve the conditional use permit.

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